The foaming series gloves adopt advanced ultra-fine foaming technology, which makes the surface of the gloves softer and more breathable, so that can provide superior grip strength in dry, slightly wet and greasy environment, and has good air permeability and wear resistance. It is suitable for daily maintenance, mechanical operation, transportation storage, horticulture and other industrial fields.

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Size Available
—  7--11
—  15G Nylon+Spandex shell with micro foam nitrile 3/4 coating

Features & Benefits

  • Breathability and dexterity with flexible;
  • Significant reduction of hand fatigue;
  • Good protection in dry or slightly oiled applications;
  • Maximum comfort and fastening due to its Nylon and Spandex blend;
  • Protection against dermatitis, since oil and grease cannot reach the hand;
  • 3/4 nitrile undercoat protects against liquids, oils and solvents with breathable back.


  • Industrial applications
  • Automotive sector
  • Assembly
  • Small parts handling
  • Quality inspection
  • Transport

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