The oil-proof and strong grasping series gloves apply a revolutionary and innovative new surface treatment method, which provides the gloves with superior strong friction and grasping strength that is firmly attached on the surface of the material, and has superior resistance to liquid penetration, in this way, they effectively prevents oil pollution and other liquid infiltration. It is suitable for industrial fields such as mechanical assembly, cleaning and other industrial fields

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Size Available
—  7--11
—  13G nylon liner, sandy nitrile palm coating

Features & Benefits

  • Grip glove feature a revolutionary new surface treatment that provides a superior grip dry, wet and oil conditions;
  • T-Touch Grip finish adjusts to different conditions by reacting like tiny suction cups that attach themselves firmly to the material being handled.
  • Excellent resistance to liquid permeation;
  • Tremendous comfort and dexterity;
  • Strong protection to punctures and abrasion;
  • Seamless nylon liner for comfort and dexterity.


  • Assembly of oily parts
  • Automotive
  • Machine operation
  • Oily material handing

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