Heat-resistant and cold-proof gloves can effectively isolate cold and hot air and moisture, and the specially treated palm material can also maintain excellent adhesion, soft and comfortable, reduce hand fatigue. It is suitable for cold/hot construction, packaging, cleaning, maintenance and other extensive industrial fields.

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Size Available
—  7--11
—  10G cut A4 aramid liner, sandy neoprene palm coating

Features & Benefits

  • The special 10 gauge liner is designed to be FR and to wit hstand higher temperature;
  • Unlike gloves with other commom coatings,this glove does not sustain flame once the source of fire is removed. (Note: Replace the gloves after it is put on fire for best protection);
  • The special formulation makes the coating soft while provides excellent abrasion-resistance;
  • The coating surface s slightly stickly to maximize gripping;
  • Level A4 cut resistance with level 4 abrasion resistance.


  • Industries such as metallurgy, forging, casting, stamping, welding, heat treatment, power and heat generation, etc
  • Enviroment where fire and sparks are a hazard
  • Handling Glass Window Panes
  • Sheet Metal Applications

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