Cutting-resistant series gloves exert the special cutting-resistant yarn and materials made by GHH’s R&D team, which guarantee the safety of the cutting-resistant and wear-resistant gloves, while achieve heat resistance. The lining is soft, comfortable and breathable, keeping the hands dry and cozy for flexible movement. It is suitable for glass processing, automobile assembly, electronics, metal processing and other industrial fields.

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Size Available
—  7--11
—  10G Aramid ANSI cut A4 liner, blue latex wrinkle and thumb coating

Features & Benefits

  • High ANSI cut level 5;
  • Aramid and glass fiber liner;
  • Natural rubber palm and thumb coating.


  • Mechanical and automotive
  • Construction
  • Machine assembly
  • Glass handling
  • Compartment assembly
  • Sheet metal handling

Grade Mark

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